The struggle against corruption

About P.K. Jeager

I was born in Berkshire in 1946 into humble circumstances. My earliest years in the immediate post-war austerity period were spent living in nissen huts before being housed in a boy's home with my three elder brothers. In 1952, my grandmother took pity and agreed to take us in. We were joined in short order by a sister and two more brothers, making seven siblings in all living in overcrowded conditions. My father was something of a work-shy "Arthur Daley" type spiv who engaged in all manner of petty financial crimes and failed miserably to execute his responsibilities as a parent.

My schooling was little short of diastrous due to undiagnosed dyslexia worsened by the constant pain of severe mastoiditis and so I was ill-prepared for the trials of life which were to beset me. Nonetheless, I was inculcated with a traditional set of morals by my grandmother. These values and the privations of my childhood instilled in me a strong sense of justice which made me determined to fight against the many wrongs I was to suffer at the hands of officialdom.

Mission for justice

After my false bankruptcy in 2004 my mission for justice began in earnest, the fruits of which endeavours the reader can read about in the downloadable dossier. This treatise exposes corruption in the highest echelons of the establishment and has taken me some twenty years to research. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to my friend Phil Mitchell who has worked tirelessly with me and has offered many insights during the production of the attached dossier over the last year. Interested readers can download the dossier to see for themselves how powerful individuals colluded and conspired against me and caused me to suffer many miscarriages of justice. The dossier reveals how these interconnected systems of governance routinely conspire to exploit the ignorance of the average layperson.

As a graduate of the university of life I have now achieved an inner calm and in the evening of my life I hope that my story will help others who have suffered injustice and will raise awareness so that others do not have to suffer similarly.